Individual Counseling

When going through personal struggles many times we think to ourselves "I can deal with this on my own, or I don't want my issues to affect my relationship with (you fill in the blank), so I'll keep it to myself."  The reality is that our individual problems appear within our relationships. Meaning, that these problems begin to interfere with our friends, siblings, parents, co-workers, spouse, etc. Symptoms impact us on an individual level but also impact how we relate to others. You may be feeling overwhelmed by attempting to meet the demands of others, frustrated and unsupported by people you feel "should" be there for you, or dealing with a transition in your personal or professional life.  When working with individuals, I feel it is important to learn about their relationships, to assist me in gaining a better understanding of the individual. 

My Role as Therapist

My focus in therapy is to assist individuals in gaining awareness of their strengths, as well as behaviors or thoughts that may be limiting them.  Instead of focusing solely on the problem I want to encourage you to think about how good life will be with out these struggles.We will work on understanding your current situation and developing the tools you need to propel you forward.