Couples Counseling

In the beginning of a relationship two people are filed with happiness and excitement. They spend a lot of time and energy focused on being together and making plans for the future. Stressors such as children, work life, finances, etc. begin to take their toll on the relationship. Many times these stressors begin to feel like "problems piling up" and feelings of being overwhelmed lend to limited communication between the individuals in the relationship. Conflict happens, and instead of using it to move the relationship in a better direction it often results in the couple feeling more distant. 

Focus as Therapist

When couples find themselves in counseling they are looking for an unbiased, supportive environment where they can begin to rediscover what their relationship was like before the problems or stressors started to take away from their happiness. My role is more than mediating disagreements. I work with each member of the relationship to identify what they desire in their relationship and what their role is in reaching that goal. As your therapist I want to support you as you move your relationship back to a place of health and happiness. My hope is to empower couples in developing better communication skills, identifying areas of strength and growth within their relationship, and increasing their ability to resolve conflict in a constructive way.