Child/Teen Counseling

Let's face it childhood and teenage years are filled with development and transitions. Not only are there changes going on within their physical bodies (brain development, hormones & puberty) but they are also learning how to navigate the social world around them. Interacting with peers, teachers, coaches, etc. is all a learning process. Young people not only have to deal with themselves but many times have to balance what is going on in their family life. These situations can stir up some pretty big emotions, that even adults have difficulty managing. This can be compounded by experiences of trauma, grief and loss, and a young person's limited ability in expressing themselves. This can leave parents and caregivers feeling angry, scared, powerless, exhausted, and out of options.

My Role as Therapist

When working with children and teenagers I focus on building a relationship of trust and openness so they can feel safe working with me. Assisting young people in identifying feelings, developing assertive communication, setting appropriate boundaries, and caring for both their physical and mental health can increase their feelings of independence and motivation in achieving great things. I also work to support caregivers during this process moving children, teens and their caregivers to a place of connection and understanding.